Friday, August 12, 2011

Mr Grumpy pants woke up and we have him stay in his playpen while we were preparing breakfast.

I called him and he gave me his killer smile.

After that smile, everything about this simple little life became brighter.

That little man turned 9 months yesterday. Nine effin' months! Where did all the time go? He's very talkative and assertive now. (That's me in him.)

(Side story: I never tell the baker what the design of the cake should be. I just tell them it's for a baby boy make me a cake. Lo and behold, the cake had a pink Barney as a centerpiece when I picked it up from the  bakeshop Two things made me hurl: a. I hate that mushy emo-dinosaur b. Barney was colored pink! Eli was very dismayed by his cake that's why he wasn't smiling the whole time. We threw the freaking pink dinosaur.)

Eli with his loyal fans...

Eli's number 1 fans: Mom and Dad
(Notice Barney said bye-bye here already. I replaced Barney with a centerpiece from one of his earlier cakes. That's the O-C [obsessive complusive] side of me.)

Eli and ate Conching

Eli with Lola Mommy and Lolo Daddy

with Tita Ninang (obsessed fan number 1) and Tito Keith

Motherhood changes you. But so does a lot of stuff in your life. Please always try to see beauty that each changes bring. :)

As said August is a lot busier, a lot happier month. So many activities, therefore more blog entries. I will not be with my boys this weekend because I have a camp to go to for our office teambuilding. Then, there's a marathon next week (it's for a good cause) and we're having a family out of town trip (Eli's first) a week after that. All these things makes me giddy happy.

And plus it's Friday. That word alone makes me want to jump for joy.



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