Alone in the Mall

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Because sharing is caring, let me tell you how my day went.

After an important thingy in the morning and a full afternoon nap I asked my husband if he would let me be alone in the mall today. I love my hubby and baby to bits but there are days like today when I want to roam freely, eat alone and just be by myself. Allow me to do a photo blog instead.

First, I had to make paalam (ask for for permission) to our dear baby. He uses this face each time I have to leave. Pinches the ventricles of my heart each time he does this.

Where are you going mama? Can I go with you please? (This is Eli's paawa-effect-look.)

Today I am going to 'the friendly' mall - Megamall! (I've mentioned several times my love-hate relayshunship with this place. Today, since it's a weekday it's love love love all the way! Hehehe.)

First, must go up to cyberzone to pay our cellphone bills.

Award ang drop lighting ng Cyberzone!

I think we belong to the first 50 post paid subcribers of SUN. Haha! I have a turbulent relationship with this network provider (Lousy customer service, poor signal, crappy internet service but cheap rates! What the hey! We managed to stick together for more than 7 years now I think. Kaya mag SUN ka narin. Haha.)

This was the frakkin' line to the cashier. Box office I tell you. The line ended outside the store.

Then, I just needed to eat. All I had for brunch was a small eggplant omelette (i.e. jortang talong) and a few butils (grains) of rice (yes butil talaga coz I'm on a diet). I passed by many tempting restos but in my heart I was solid to go to Almon Marina. We've been eating at this fuss free place since circa 2005. Everything is the same (including the uniform of the waiters). It is never packed and I always fear it might close down one day causing me pain. (So do me a favor will yah? When you are in Megamall one time, please eat at this place? Let's keep it afloat. Prices are reasonable. Waiters are polite. And the food is simple, balanced and yummy.)

This is their fuss free resto, with no fru-fru to distract you of the food experience.
I had roasted chicken with a side of herbed veggies and potato salad. Priced at P195.

Then I bought hubby 'pasalubong' here.

Bon Chon Chicken!

While waiting for my order I decided to stop by to the newly opened grocery in Mega A. I bought hubby's favorite: sausages.

Spankin' brand new grocery aisles.

Then, as I was passing by the escalator I saw a small mob of people. I thought it was Paris Hilton who was coming because I overhead one ate say. Yun pala it was Mara and Clara! Syet. Mas mukha pa silang dalaga sakin (they look more lady like than me). Demmet.

I was trying to get a shot but I feared for my life na maiipit sa mob, so all I had was a blurry shot of manong guard.

Went to Marks and Spencer trying to find Momi Gay (hubby's mom) a birthday gift.

Everything I had already seen before. Blah. So I didn't get anything.

Then the gates of Forever21 greeted me so I decided to stop by.

Well hello! The clothes for me here are okay lang. Nothing of shock value.
Bought this cuticles na ring. Wala pa ko pag gagamitan. Kyoot lang.
Bought this 'shushyaling' neckalace for Mommy Gay. I hope she likes it.

Passed by the department store and saw that the Home section is on sale.

Sale ba kamo?
I asked one saleslady: Ate, sale ba kayo? (Epal lang.)

Then to the beauty section, where I decided I will buy something for my sad pathetic skin. I am turning 30 next year (gasp!). I feel like I'm trapped in this weird state: I am caught in my tween years of blemishes and a much older person’s dry skin. I promised that I would take care of myself more. I have a son and I want him to be proud because he has a beautiful momma.

I am forever using Celeteque. Call it force of habit but I am very loyal to this brand.

Facial wash, toner and their anti-aging ek-ek
So I decided to get a few additional stuff.

Bought Likas Papaya and Apricot scrub (as per the advice of mommy fleur blog), got small Dove deo and face sunblock for our out of town trip next week

Then I saw this Korean stall and got these.

The stall is called TonyMoly. Weird name huh? Sa totoo lang nabaitan lang ako dun sa saleslady (I found the seller nice), that’s why I impulsively bought the products. Yes, friends I am a sucker for nice-ness.

I will feature a review of the TOMATOX after 2-3weeks to let you know how it went. (Clever name: Tomato + Detox = TOMATOX)

Then I got home and saw this smiling happy face. Love love love.

Mama, you came home agad!
I'm so happy you're here mama, I can scream!!!
Can we play now mama?
(Kyoot mo talaga anak!)

So there. Productive day for me, I think. I am now ready to rock and roll.

Care to share you beauty regimen to inspire me naman please?



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