Saturday, August 20, 2011

I find comfort in writing. When I am bored, when I am full of emotions, whenever I am happy I find myself putting written words on paper or in this case translating the thoughts on file.

And I believe anyone and everyone has a gift for writing. I haven't met anyone whose story is not interesting as mine. Sometimes I think instead of just telling me their story, I wish they could jot down their thoughts for eternity. It's like having a time capsule that is more detailed and raw.

As I prepare for today's blurry of activities I wanted to take 15 minutes to write down my thoughts in the quiet of our room without anyone or anything to distract me. I am glad because my heart is filled with gratitude. Even at moments I feel most discouraged I never forget to be thankful for every bits and pieces of my so-called ordinary life.

Over time, I have realized that I may not be the 'most' at everything. I can never please everyone. I may be judged. I may have judged some people wrongly. I may have put some people down. All of me, flaws and all I have come to accept. Who am I to give advice to anyone? But, I can definitely listen to my own self. And my heart is telling me it's all right not to be perfect.

It's okay not to be the best at everything. If I must fail, then I must fail quickly and recover quickly. It's okay not to be the perfect mom (or a wife, or a daughter, or sister or friend). It's okay to just learn lessons along the way. And while juggling all the roles I have to do, it's perfectly all right to prioritize myself every once in a while. It's not being selfish. It's not being indulgent. It's part of loving and accepting me.

I bring back all the glory to Him. In my journey to be better each day I am glad that I have the power of words to remind me that happiness is always a choice.


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