The Perfect Day

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Everyone deserves a perfect day. Not everyone has it yet. But, eventually everyone will have one. Pure. Total. Bliss.

It could be as ordinary as a hassle-free day. A new life being born. Getting an Oscar. Being appointed as the new CEO. Or it could be the last day before you retire from work.

Mine, was my wedding day. It was the perfect beautiful day. 12-18-07.

The best part about it was the perfect decision to marry my husband.

(Sorry, four cheese overload - parang flavor lang ng pizza.)

Serious yan. I am very happy right now. And when I watch these vidoes, my heart soars to the moon.

Isn't perfect? 

One more, here's us hamming it up for the camera. Shot on location in our beloved Alma Mater, UST.

Bean, just like what the song says: "In the end, I want to be standing at the beginning with you."

There are no such things a perfect marriages (#alamnyonayan). But at least we try. I'm pretty sure we will decide to try to make it perfect all our lives.

Happy Holidays indeed.


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