Where Have I Been?

Friday, June 29, 2012

I mean the first question that comes to mind is who cares? But I do have two faithful readers. Hubby and my little sis. Ha!

So the question is valid if you ask me. Yes, yes. I have been MIB (Missing In Blogging) action. Truth be told, it's not for lack of material. I have been taking snaps of random things that have been happening to me but I always end up... asleep.

My! This baby has made me so lazy to even get up and face my laptop. I know that's a lame excuse of pregnant blogger. This pregnancy has been so fuzz-free compared to the rollercoaster first trimester of our first baby. The first one had all the works. Dizzy spells, headaches, vomiting, weird food aversions, painful contractions, etc. This one, aside from the occasional headache, one time painful contraction, everything else has been rosy.

But the baby did make me sleepy all the time. I have this debate in my head all the time. Hey cool movie in HBO right now vs. sleeping. Eating out with hubby vs. sleeping. Walking around our community vs. sleeping. Seeing old friends vs. sleeping. Blogging vs. sleeping. So on. Guess which side always win? Pretty obvious no?

So, this post is sort of my soft introduction to get back into blogging. Frankly, I blog for me more than anything else. I started it because when I became a mom I was flooded with all this emotions that were so foreign, and I cannot even contain. So I said I just have to share it lest I burst! Hence, 90% of this blog being about how much I am in love with my family and my son. I was thinking before, it would have been cool to have documented my pregnancy as well.

Now, I am given a second chance. Being pregnant is the weirdest, happiest, scariest, and the most vulnerable experience a woman could undergo. Being able to see my thoughts be formed into words while going through that entire process again would be awesome. For me at least.

The process of writing is always personal more so if one will talk about one's journey to motherhood. Pregnancy, I should say is something only person who is undergoing it can understand. I was scared for the entire 9 months that I was pregnant before. I am still scared every minute right now. It's like my own beating heart doesn't matter much. The beating of the life inside me matters more. I have come to terms that during these months my body is not entirely my own. That primarily it's for our baby. And I give it wholeheartedly.

I have to start writing more. This feels good. You'll hear from me you'll see.


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