For Eli before you turn two

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dearest my boy,

Your mommy should have been blogging everyday. I could be documenting every mundane things that happen to us, or every petty emotions that would brew up each time. But instead I choose to savor every moment that I am with you right now. Your mommy is on house arrest for the time being. I am going through a very delicate pregnancy and this is our way of ensuring that your sibling Sammy stays strong and healthy while he/she is still inside mommy's womb.

Okay so back to you, our little man of the house. You are growing up so fast. You are beginning to exercise your independence in your own little way. You refuse to have your nose and ears cleaned unless it is by your dad. You have a unique sense of humor. You like to tease mom that you will throw things at the back of our headboard and you laugh each time I howl in an OA (means overacting - not sure if this acronym is still alive by the time you are old enough to understand this) manner. You think mommy is the funniest person on earth. You laugh at anything I do. You adore your daddy so much that you follow him around wherever he is.

You can make music too. You started humming the ABC months ago. Whenever you are playing by yourself, you like to hum songs you have created out of your heart. I want you to keep following these music, Eli. May you always have music in your heart, and be never afraid to dance to the beat of your own songs.

You like numbers and gadgets. We count your toes every evening to make sure they are still complete. You have made lots of friends already. There's Mika, Cody, Rapha, Miggy, ate Sam and Pat, and so many more. You make their day by just being you.

I have always prided you for being a behaved baby ever since you were born. You did not give mommy or daddy sleepless nights. One thing we are trying to solve though is your thumb sucking. Daddy had a brilliant idea of putting chilli oil on your thumb. Mommy hated the idea at first, but I was worried about your beautiful teeth so I relented. That method worked, and after two days we see you less and less doing that habit. Sometimes, I see you trying to sneak by putting your thumb in your mouth but the moment I see you, you make flying kisses instead (giving me a reason why your fingers were in your face in the first place - you're so smart).

You're favorite words are "tara" which means you want to play outside and "isa pa" which means you want more tickling. I will try teach you both English and Tagalog words. I do not want you growing up just well versed in the English language. Mommy after all was the Filipino editor when she was in high school.

Despite, your many adoring fans (us mainly and your grandparents) you remain grounded. You easily make friends but you are a bit shy at the beginning. May you never lose this quiet confidence that you have probably gotten from your dad. As for mom, I am happy already that you got my sense of humor.

You will turn out a great person I am sure. A great sibling, a great son, and someone who will be one of God's greatest champions. We whisper these words of prophesy to you every night and every mornings: you are a genius, a rock star, a God's champion, and you are loved by mom and dad.

All these words will hold true forever in my heart. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. Because of you love overflowed in our own little home. Thank you for coming into our lives.

Your greatest supporter,
Mommy Love


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