Charbert and Reign

Friday, May 4, 2012

Chartbert and Reign they just click. You can see when they are together their love tank is full. When I look at them I just can't help but smile. Because they are happy.

I am saying this in a totally unbiased way (yes kahit inaanak ko pa sila sa kasal).

It was a truly lovely wedding. Simple, elegant, and it was heartfelt.

I will post pictures here to give you an idea how lovely that day was.

This was during the wedding rites.
Everything is so white. I love.

See how elegant the white feathers thingy are?

This is the principal sponsors shot.
See me and hubby? Felt na felt!

Since sundalo ang kinasal kailangan one-man carry palabas ng church.

Brave men in white.

Here we are outside the church.
We were given one balloon each.

The couple kiss before the release of balloons.

Yellow balloons. Green tree. Blue colors.
Who doesn't love colors?

There was a children's corner.
They have these activity books for kids.
And also small trinkets of what-nots that the kids can play with.
How thoughtful.

Ang ninong.

Madame butterfly. #feeling

I cannot help gushing on how beautifully the place was styled.

See diba it is nice?

Couple's first dance is always my favorite part of the reception.
That and the eating part. Hehehe.

Table setting.

Shala ng wine parade.
Sarap pala ng Chamdor.
Iinom kame ni hubby neto.
Tag-isang bote.

This naman is one of my most favorite shot.
The newlyweds are watching their photo montage.
The groom cried. It was a really sweet moment.

Dove release.
Lekat na dove yan muntik pang dumerecho sa fez ko.

Cupcakes. Cutie patootie.

The newlyweds with us next day.
Shot on location in Samal islands, Davao.

Congratulations Charbert and Reign.

May God grant you many, many years of bliss.

Read the rest of our Davao adventure here. =)


Rae said...

The balloons! Di pa ako nakakapunta sa wedding na may gold-ish balloones. Nice.

Anonymous said...

thanks Ninang. We love you.- Charbert and Reign

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