Thomson Reuters Summer Outing 2012: Palm Beach

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hello mga muthers, baklang muthers (like me) and mga bekkis. Your resident muther has been neglecting this blog again.

Sunod sunod lang my out of town trips. Hee hee feeling artista. Not really yah know.

Isa lang masasabi ko, ang itim ko na (kelan ba hindi?!). And this is just the beginning, I have 6 more out of town trips lined up. Ako na right?! Ako na already.

Hindi ako mayaman ha. I just have a lot of friends. Hee hee. Anyway, these trips are part of my 2012 blessings. And there's more to come I bet. International tours soon. With God's grace it will happen. Yihee. Thank you na Lord, in advance. =)

So, I went to Davao last week (check it here). This week my company went to Laiya, Batangas.

Palm Beach is a beautiful resort. In pictures it is. In reality you need aqua shoes. One little rock decided to reside sa aking talampakan. End result, madaling araw na self operation, with hubby holding flash light, me holding a nipper and a lot of cursing and howls involved (by me). You get the picture.

The staff are nice. And they have nice facilities. I loved the jacuzzi and infinity pool.

Anyway, to say that I enjoyed myself is an understatement. So shala talaga my company. Very sushal and the food felt like overflowing. Although since punong abala ako that day, I didn't get to take as much pictures so I made nakaw some of the pictures from my good friends Chris and Jenny.

Okay here they go. Sorry if the pictures are in a weird order ha. I didn't have the chance to re-arrange them anymore. (read: tamad)

Ang aming bus ay may chadelier sa loob.
Anong masasabi mo? Hehe

Ang baklang muther feeling artista.

I took a picture of other people taking pictures =)

Girls making chicka inside our cabana

Taray ng aming beach body competition.
In fairness lahat sila may K.

Nag kayak ako mga friends. #sowhat

Here's what the resort looked like from above.

The beach looking shala.

The beach! I love you beach!

Dito ako nasalubsob ng coral sa aking talampakan.
Again #sowhat

I love you pool!
I never wanted to leave.

Our lootbag includes t-shirt and towel with our company logo.
Sushal no?

The stage set up

Andaming food promise.
Sira ang kinabukasan ng diet.

I call this super BICO.
Ang sarap!

My team! We are the best!!!
We bagged the championship prize of P10,000.
In fairness pinaka konti kami but we were the most competitive kasi.

Kudos to my company, the committee, and everyone who participated in the event. Everyone went home a winner I am sure. :)


avagabondmom said...

dits ikaw ba yang naka stripes? naka glasses ka na?!

earthgirl said...

yes dits, I wear glasses pag madilim! haha joke. 75 100 ata yung grade ng eyes ko. mababa palang naman. although sign of ageing na to haha.

cebu beach resorts said...

i really love beach outings.:) looks like you guys had a lot of fun. there are a lot of fun activities that you can do by the beach. i absolutely miss this stuff.^^

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