The World's Best Husband

Monday, May 14, 2012

I promise to keep this short. I just want to tell you and the rest of the world that I have the world's best husband.

Why make such declaration? What if you don't agree? This is me you see, and what I feel and believe is the truth for me. Therefore, he is the one. The best husband. There is.

Who looses a bulky Ipad2? No one right? Except when you are as, hmm.. how shall I put this mildly... dumb and careless like me. I hate myself. You should have seen me in the car sulking, hating every bit of me. Until now I am suffering.

Throughout this agony hubby was quiet. Pensive even. I was ranting and spilling all my guts out. I was toxic.

Then after he heard me whine, he said:

The husband: Let it go Love.

Me: That's it? Hate me please? I can't stand it.

The husband: This is a lesson learned for you. It's going to prevent you from loosing more valuable stuff in the future because now you know. And now, I can even think of so many reasons why it is a blessing that "we" lost the Ipad. For one, I will be less distracted (because of the games) so now I can spend more time playing with Eli.

Me: I am in anguish babe. Please hate me a little.

The husband: I can't hate you so let it go.

First of all, he said "we" when it was all completely my fault. Second, you should know that this is not the first time I lost something and yet he didn't reiterate that.

Now, you know (just from reading this blog) that I am bad at so many things. I am a worry wart. I talk way too much. I over analyze everything. I am tactless. And I loose so many freaking items (translation: burara).

How a person can love me in spite of all these is a mystery to me.

Bee, I love you, thank you for completely accepting me flaws and all. I promise I have learned my lesson.

PS: Real men change diapers. And that's you. That's why I am very proud of you. And sorry for everything.


Hazel said...

awww you're indeed lucky to have a husband like him.. someone who's patient and understanding. and don't worry, an ipad is just a gadget that can easily be replaced.. at least it's not a life lost, or something worse.

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