Be Kind to Me Bikram.

Monday, May 23, 2011

So okay I finally mustered the guts and courage to sign up for BIKRAM YOGA. The thought of finally doing a fitness regimen scares me to no end.

Do I have adequate outfit for the classes?

(According to the website: Wear something tight, shorts and tank top. Gasp! These are very basic outfit I dread. I might die of being too self-conscious. Read: namatay sa kahihiyan)

What if I faint during class?

(Will someone bring me to ER? Will they just let me lie there unconscious?)

Will I be able to go to work and FUNCTION the next day?

(Oh to know the answer to this million dollar question. Sana now na! Nang makapafile na ng VL.)

That will be additional 2- 2.5 hrs away from my baby. Oh my gulay.

Note to Eli: Mama is doing this to be healthier. I want to be able to ski slopes, climb mountains, jump the trampoline, ride horses (horses? wtf), skydive fearlessly with you till I’m 60. That, and because I am quite vain too anak.

When I signed up for unlimited classes hindi ko na pinagisipan. I didn’t even blink. I just said GOh-W na! If I had thought about it longer, chances are baka di ko na natuloy. My saner and more logical side will prevail. 

So kever. As the wise man always says: Bahala na si Batman. (Whoever invented this catch phrase is a genius! Hahah.)

So there, I am throwing it out to the universe. Make me thinner! Eto na I will exert effort na (finally!). Bikram Yoga for the win!

You too! Sign up na. :)


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