If the world were to end today

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I was reading this blog earlier and I was touched by it. Allow me to use it as an inspiration as it truly echoes what I feel right now.

I don’t think I have ever been this happy in my life.

So what if the world was to end today?

I would say I would not do anything extraordinary.

The three of us wake up all at the same time (yes, like clockwork) around 8am. Sometimes Eli would wake up ahead of us, and he would just lie and wait patiently for us to wake up (sometimes by the time I open my eyes he’s already playing with his toys).

I would then lovingly prepare his food for the day. After we all have our breakfast, we go back to the bed and read. (Family of bookworms.)  The H with a book, Eli reading his favorite Clifford book or his Lamaze Discovery Farm soft book (thanks tita Gemma!), me with either a book or a magazine (YES, OK or Preview – my source of intelligent information haha!).

We do this for 30 minutes then Eli feeds and goes to sleep. When he wakes up after half an hour, he then takes his bath and we officially start our day.

Today, we are going to Megamall (our friendly reliable mall). I want to buy a new dress for next Saturday’s events (a wedding and a baptism in one day). The H might want to check out his favorite store again – ACE Hardware (IKR! How many drilling tools does he actually need?). Eli will stare at the faces of other babies.

Then, we are planning to go to S&R to buy some very important supplies (read: Hungarian sausages). I hope we can drop by St. Pio Church to pray and be thankful.

Then, we go home and the three of us will cuddle in the bed some more. In the last few seconds of my life I want to remember our simple life like this. When happiness is hearing my son’s laughter. Contentment is when my husband and I hold hands while watching DVD. I am not afraid of dying. But I do want my son to get to know his dad and me. True we are not celebrities but our combination can be a bit interesting and amusing. I want him to know his dad who is the most logical, intelligent and calm person I know. I want him to get to know me because I’m funny and silly and I laugh at my own corny jokes.

Most especially I want to see how Elijah turns out. As I pray everyday for God to plant awesome dreams in his heart I truly believe that he will grow up to be an endearing, smart and compassionate man someday. 

So, I continue to hope that the world does not end because for my family (same is true for all those who are reading this) I am totally certain the best is yet to come.

Happy cuddling this weekend everyone!


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