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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Conversation I had with hubby this morning:

H: O, let's kilos na. We will go to the mall para I can buy your Mother's Day gift.

M: Where to? Why the mall? What are we buying? (half kilig, half assuming)

H: I am going to buy you an osterizer! 'Di ba you said you want one?

I felt like lantang cucumber.

While eating our own breakfast, I was soooo silent. (If you know me at all, you know that this only happens on very rare occasions: a) I am sick b) I am pissed c) I am sick and pissed)

Seriously? A freaking osterizer!!?!!

I'm not into girly, senti stuff. I was happy when he gave me a flat screen TV for my birthday. I was ecstatic when he bought me a high end washing machine for Christmas. For our anniversary we bought a mamahalin na water dispenser! (See the pattern here?)

My husband is very 'wais' in a way. I tell him things we need in the house. He holds off from buying them until strategic dates (read: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.). I find it hilarious! I never liked for him to buy me flowers, high heels, accessories. He knows I would rather go for practical stuff like knife set, house drilling tools, oven toaster and the likes harhar! I know, it's kinda funny and sad to hear at the same time. Oh and I would rather receive handwritten letters, poetry, or books of any kind. 

But mother's day is different. I was mostly bedridden half of the time last year. While pregnant, I experienced pain from body parts I never knew existed before. After giving birth, hello more pain! The pain would wake me up like a crazed murderer during the night. And I loved the hell out of our baby boy. I loved, I learned, I nurtured, and safely brought our adorable baby boy into this world. So yeah, maybe mother's day is different. (Kahit this year lang, tutal first time ko naman diba? [If you are reading this, I love you mommy! I shall get you an awesome gift.])

So I guess, I don't want a freaking osterizer this time. Hence, the silence.

M: Go to our room with Eli, I want a ‘me’ time here sa sala. (wawa mode)

After 15 minutes of senti and silence I went inside the bedroom and found Eli eating playing with this red box.

And found these inside. Earrings! (And these are the kind that I like. Simple. Not outlandish. Classic.)

H: Dapat tomorrow ko pa bigay pero I can see you're ready to burst into tears na kanina e. (Gaddd! I am so transparent ever!)

Then my boys showered me with kisses.

And I am lost for words once again.

Happy mother’s days to all the mommies! (Especially to all drama queens, OA mommies like me!)


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