The "No Party" Birthday Planning Story

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am a sucker for celebrations. I make up events just so I can throw parties (maybe I am a frustrated events planner… or maybe not! hehe). Anyhoo, in the office, simple milestones, family affairs, etc. I like to plan, execute and love hearing from the guests how fun the event was. I would sleep that night with a big silly grin in my face, smiling serenely to my hearts content.

Since I am sick and marooned in the house, I know I should be planning my son’s birthday party. Instead, I’ve decided not to throw a big party. (My husband thinking: Bee, maybe you’re just depressed and all because of your fever. Or maybe this is a side effect of the antibiotics or the nebulizer?!)

In my head, I have never been this sure. In two, three years time Elijah will start asking for parties. He would want friends to come over, give him gifts, he would ogle at magicians or the animal show prepared for him, he would gladly giveaway loot bags to his guests and together we will decide a theme for his birthday party.

But not for now. He would wonder in amazement why the hell there are too many people around. He would smile gleefully as so many people will try to make him laugh. He would look with interest at the huge cake but not understand anything.

I know why parents celebrate 1st birthdays. It is a HUGE milestone. So, I completely understand why parents make such a big deal out of it. Three hours ago, I was contemplating: should I throw an “all-out birthday party” or simply celebrate the day with his closest baby buddies, make it completely fuss-free for my husband, Eli and me. It is obvious by now which one won. It got me to thinking too that with the money I will be saving maybe the three of us can travel instead. I still don’t know.

I guess, my point it is no matter what choices parents make for their babies it is completely understandable.

Believe me, keeping it small and simple is much harder for me than hiring an events planner and making the event big, big, BIG! And plus I hate magicians. They are so smug and all. LOL. More fuss-free birthday planning stories to come.


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