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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I love Celebrity Nails Salon Home Service Spa. That's it period. End of blog post.

Nah. Just a little kwento promise. Sometimes I feel guilty going to the salon / spa because that's again time away from my baby boy.

Through the wonders of internet and automobiles (?) hee hee home service spa was born. One such trusted brand is Celebrity nails. They have 11 franchises. The ladies who go to your home are well trained, courteous, and you don't get a feeling na minamadali nila yung service.

Price of course is a major consideration for a stingy  practical mom like me. Their prices are cheaper than some of the nail salons in the malls (but better service if you ask me) and they use imported brands for their polish too (Orly, OPI, Tony Molly and Essie -- sushal right?).

You can check their website for the services they offer. So far I have tried their mani-pedi, foot spa sa face (joke), foot spa sa foot (charoz), foot reflexology, head and shoulder massage, and their facial with diamond peel.

Summer promos include Marie Claire package that offers 5 services for only P1,000. Yan ang value for money. They also have spa party packages. Great idea for those who want to have a more intimate celebration with your best set of girl friends.

Just play some Enya songs in the background. Spray some peppermint on the pillow. Blast the air-conditioning to maximum. There you have it. Instant spa at your very own room. Minus the waiting for your turn and curious strangers making gaya your choice of nail polish. Haha. #babaw

Anyhoo, here a some ebidensya (read: pictures). I've had them over the house 3 times in the last 8 or so weeks.

Here's their set up of their mat. Pink on pink.
See the tampipi sa gilid over there?
What you don't know what tampipi is? Google it!

Pebbles! In fairness effort magdala ng bato. Aminin.

My boy usually picks my nail polish at random.
One particular polish he chose looked like the skin color of a zombie.
Grayish green.
(Yung zombies sa Plants vs. Zombie hee hee.)
I went with it anyway.

Here's him finally deciding on the polish he likes.

This was me having facial.

Me looking very stressed here.

Parang hospital exquiment lang.
This is used for their diamond peel.

Sorry I do not have a clearer picture of their finished product.
But it's a great a idea to pamper yourself from home don't you think? =)

I usually call their central hotline: 502.7332 or 0917.812.0479. You may check the rest of their information here.


avagabondmom said...

Yes of course dits! Happy trip bukas! Nanay is ready to see you. Hehe

earthgirl said...

Wee! Tita Punay. I will text her? Are you sure hindi kami istorbo dits?

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