Seasons of Love

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I have never been good with goodbyes. Beginnings I love. Endings I tend to dread.

But another season will soon come to pass.

Am I ready? No one is ever ready I guess. I am the yellowest person there is. I have been crying everyday when I came to terms where my heart truly is.

But is it easy? Definitely not. So I wish there was no need for goodbyes ever.

Just hello. And I will definitely see you soon. Or thank you's. Thank you's are the best.

Because each one, in one way or another has taught us a lesson or two. Has put a smile on our faces one time or another. Has caused us to see beauty both obvious and abstract.

So maybe this is not a chapter that I am closing. Maybe it is just a prologue to a beautiful story still being spun. With characters still being added not replaced.

I have been teary eyed a lot lately. I heard this song and I couldn't believe a new season is about to start soon.



avagabondmom said...

Good luck on your new endeavors, Dits! :)

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