How was your weekend?

Monday, April 16, 2012

It all started with an hour long travel in the very traffic EDSA.

First was dinner at Sumo Sam. I had buttery salmon and fresh tasting tuna sushi. I didn't feel full yet so I ordered extra kani salad, which I only managed to finish a quarter of it (sorry Louie! libre mo pa naman to'.).

Then, of course we just had to have coffee. Originally we wanted to go to a tea place (just because this is uso these days). No success finding one, so we went to the most overrated hang-out place (as my husband calls it), Starbucks. There we decided to pass time arguing. Just like the old times. Oh there's a better word for it -- debate. Battle of the minds. So sexy. And nerdy! One of my friends happened to be a Grand champion toastmasters.

So we had to interpret lots of weird Swahilian proverbs. Sample: "When the crocodile jumps around he ends up by receiving the spear." Then it just became plain silly when I decided to form my own club to rival the toastmasters. Imma' calling it Wafflemasters (how original!). Parang lasing lang. We get our cheap fun out of babaw things like these.

Was supposed to follow to my officemates drinking session somewhere in the Fort, but I was not in the mood to brave EDSA anymore.

Saturday morning was spent playing with my son and bribing him to eat. There's a whole lot of mess involved whenever he eats but the fun of the process makes all the cleaning after worth it. 

Then I went to Crossing's grocery to buy ingredients for chilli con carne. I spent lunch at my officemate's cool bachelor pad. His condo on the 18th floor is at the heart of Makati, literally in the middle of everything. How sushal!

We met at his pad, the girls cooked while the boys watched MTV Jackass while drinking beer. How stereotypical right? We ate roasted chicken, ginataang langka with dilis, cucumber salad, and my chilli dog. Desert was mangoes and Tanduay ice. Burp.

Then there was a team's basketball tournament championship to watch. They all went and watched. Hubby and I decided to walk a few blocks and meet up with my sister to show support on her current endeavor. I had an interesting conversation with a stranger while I waited for my sister.

We went back to the condo but the game was not yet finished so hubby and I decided to wait at 7-11, where I bought the overpriced Magnum. I took a few bites and vowed to walk a mile to burn the fat. #wishkolang

Then it was poker time back at the bachelor's pad. I discovered that I do have a poker face! It was fun. Beer, cards, Jackass, and laughter. 

Then it was time to crash a Bachelor's party. We went to the-place-that-must-not-be-named. Got to see things I will never un-see anymore. Husband kept asking me during the entire "performance" on what my thoughts are. Girls are pretty and how do they address the attrition rate at places like those? Mundane things. 

Morning once again came, and Eli had a playdate with one of my officemate's son. They had a whole chest of toys and they were fighting over a small green car. How cute. Boys. We served them freshly cooked pancit canton with sotanghon. Our first attempt to cook one and it was a success!

Then it was lunch with the in-laws. Inihaw na tilapia, binagoongang liempo, hot rice plus putong pula. 

Afterwards, we heard Mass at the Shrine of the Divine Mercy. It was their feast day.

We then went to my parents home to play and eat kwek-kwek for merienda. Dinner came so we again ate. Stir fried tofu with vegetables, very spicy higado, crispy pata and hot rice.

We went home and watched Bb. Pilipinas.

Life's good.


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