Drama at Cuts 4 Tots

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hi! *waving madly*

I am Elijah! I am a year old.

I am back once again. Hello there! You might remember me as my mama's very first guest blogger? I blogged about my love for balls and shooting here.

I want to tell you about the day I bawled my eyes out at Cuts 4 Tots. Normally, I am a very brave and behave boy. My mama is very proud that I do not cry a lot. This was my third hair cut already. During my first two encounter with the barber I was cool as a celery (or is it cucumber? or watermelon?). Or whatever veggie is applicable to descibe a very calm baby.

That's me. I was so cool, calm and collected. I don't know about this third visit. Maybe I wasn't in the mood. Maybe my mama woke me up at a bad time. Maybe it was because of the other kid. Maybe just maybe.

But I did it. I cried my heart out. Looking back, I don't know why I cried so much. I hope next time I am in a much better mood so I do not give kuya barber a hard time.

Let me show yah! Please try not to laugh. I am embarassed already as it is.

It started when daddy tried puting me on the chair that looks like a car.
Or is this a car that's actually a chair? I am not sure I am confused.

I asked (in my mind): "What's happening here?"

When I realized what was about to happen, I just had to get outa' there!

Please dad?! Get me outa' here!!!?!!

Really dad? Is this really happening?

But I am so adorable when my hair is long.
Please make it stay that way forever.

Awww! I hated it.

Even ate Conching knows my pain!

Please kuya barber have pity on me and stop snipping!

I cannot look!

Why are you guys doing this to me?!

Mama tried to calm me down using bubbles!

Dad gave me a noisy toy too.

It was interesting but only for a second.

Until I remembered someone is snipping my hair!

And then all of a sudden it was over.
Then, I couldn't remember why I was even crying in the first place!
Boy! I was in a weird mood that day. Tee hee.

We went to church after.
I was so tired that I slept through the entire service.

It was a nice experience even though I was crying a lot. My dad and mom said that they are proud of me still. =)

Till my next blog entry. In the mean time please continue showing your love for my mama's blog by visiting her blog everyday.

Please. Thank you. Till next time.


avagabondmom said...

kawawa naman Dits! yung itsura niya super ayaw talaga.

earthgirl said...

Nagda-drama lang yan dits. After gupitan okay na sya ulit e. Hehe. Shopping tayo sa Ikea! Miss you dits.

OrganizedJunkie said...

Hee hee, you look so pogi na!

earthgirl said...

Thank you po! - Elijah =)

Shashi said...

Kawawa naman :(

Btw, just followed your blog. Hope you could follow mine as well.


Bechay said...

Ang cute naman ng mga captions :) Si Kuya barbero talagang nag concentrate kasehodang umiiyak na ang little man na kustomer niya, hehehe!

Thanks for following all my blogs sis, shocked ako ng konti, ang tiyaga mo :)

aileen said...

waaaaaa. umiiyak na siya..

bloghopping from gt!
followed you too! :)

Rae said...

Dapat talaga pinipicture-an ang first hair cut :P

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